The Nuxeo Effect

How can Nuxeo improve your business? Let's take a look at the key features of this solution. So, Nuxeo is an enterprise content management system that:

  • provides your workers with easy access to documents stored in a free repository with a version control system;
  • permits employees to control the whole lifecycle of documents: easily create, share and update them;
  • encourages teamwork with numerous collaborative tools;
  • allows the addition of Microsoft Office, and other documents to the DM database by drag-and-drop method;
  • has a powerful search engine to find documents, users and groups in a split second;
  • keeps your data safe and blocks all unauthorized users etc.;

Besides document management and social collaboration features, Nuxeo includes: case management tools; digital asset management; content repository.

Nuxeo has awesome architecture created by developers, for developers. This system is extendible from the ground up, and entirely built using its own extension model and technology.

The philosophy of the Nuxeo company is simple: build on solid technology, bring satisfaction to developers, managers, and end users (simultaneously), and never stop evolving to meet customers' needs. You can download or access an online trial of Nuxeo software on its official website. To build a professional ECM system powered by Nuxeo, just contact us.