SugarCRM: trust Sugar with business processes management

Using SugarCRM, all of your employees can share the same information simultaneously. This open source system backs up/automates the main business processes, and supports different applications and solutions integrated with your customer relationship management system (CRM). You work smartly with SugarCRM with small price to pay for it.

Here are the four main gains from using SugarCRM:

1) Project management:

  • create and operate projects across teams;
  • create projects using various templates;
  • monitor upcoming tasks, open cases, task completeness in % etc.

2) Reporting:

  • multiple reporting tools: Marketing Analytics, Case Reports, Sales Trends, Customer Profiles etc.;
  • easily create reports on any CRM rates;
  • observe effectiveness of sales indexes, marketing campaigns etc.

3) Marketing and Sales:

  • create and realize campaigns through marketing channels;
  • evaluate ROI rates;
  • share sales info between the teams;
  • track the most profitable deals;
  • create effective presentations and commercial proposals for customers.

4) Customer support:

  • put customer service issues in the heart of your company, allowing you to work with and share them centrally;
  • research customer tendencies to improve services and product quality;
  • handle customer issues quickly and effectively.

SugarCRM has over 7 000 successful customers all around the world. It’s natural that General Motors, ThyssenKrupp and (especially) Coca-Cola can’t do without Sugar.