Overview of technical side

In the centre of Alfresco system is a repository supported by a server that persists metadata, content, full-text indexes. Programming interfaces support multiple languages and protocols upon which custom applications and solutions can be created.

As an entirely Java application, the Alfresco system runs on virtually any system that can run Java Enterprise Edition. At the core is the Spring platform, providing the ability to modularize functionality, such as versioning, security, and rules. Alfresco uses scripting to simplify adding new functionality and developing new programming interfaces.

Simple steps to start Alfresco project:

  1. Request a quote.
  2. Get consulted.
  3. Start working with the system.
Steps to start Alfresco project
Steps to start Alfresco project
Steps to start Alfresco project

Smile is a strategic Alfresco partner for a considerable amout of time. We are ready to put into effect all your ideas and help with system configuration according to your needs.

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