What is Jahia?

What is Jahia?
What is Jahia?
What is Jahia?

Jahia is a content management system targeted primarily on corporate business needs. With Jahia, you can create a single ecosystem for effective digital communication, both internal and external.

The history of the system began in 2002, and today, Jahia is one of the most popular content management solutions. The platform is used by hundreds of companies and government offices in over 20 countries.

Reasons why to build your own ECM

  • Saving a vast amount of time by managing content on different sites through a single service.
  • Effective business processes automation.
  • The functionality of the system is easily expanded through various applications.
  • Simple work with documents, mail, images, feedback forms and more.
  • An open source solution that does not require additional licensing costs.

Smile is a trusted partner of the Jahia platform and has a rich history of fruitful collaboration. In 2015, Jahia awarded our company with a Partner of the Year Award, a testimony to our high professionalism.

We will gladly answer all your questions regarding the features of Jahia.

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