What is Nuxeo?

Nuxeo is a comprehensive enterprise content management solution built on a Java J2EE environment, with metadata, advanced workflows, categories (taxonomies and folksonomies), collaboration, searches, complex content management (web, multiple files, structured content, etc.) and multi-database management.

What is Nuxeo?
What is Nuxeo?
What is Nuxeo?

Nuxeo features:

  1. Provides your workers with easy access to documents stored in a free repository with a version control system.
  2. Permits employees to control the whole lifecycle of documents: easily create, share and update them.
  3. Encourages teamwork with numerous collaborative tools.
  4. Allows the addition of Microsoft Office, and other documents to the DM database by drag-and-drop method.
  5. Has a powerful search engine to find documents, users and groups in a split second.
  6. Keeps your data safe and blocks all unauthorized users etc.
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