Migration to 7

Jahia migration

Jahia 7 is the most complete platform version. Among major version enhancements the following features can be singled out:

  1. Significantly improved productivity.
  2. Source repository integration.​
  3. Simplification of code control and editing.
Migration to Jahia 7
Migration to Jahia 7
Migration to Jahia 7

Upgrading to a new version consists of several steps:

  1. Code analizing in terms of compatability with the new version.
  2. Saving all needed website data.
  3. Updating and transfer of the data to new version.

Migration to new platform always presupposes detailed analysis as any customizations should work on new version. If required, for stable work all the code is adapted to new standards. Being Jahia expert, Smile is ready to assist you with migration to new platform version and provide further development of the project at the highest level.

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