Why Jahia?

Why Jahia is preferred?

Content management features:

  1. With a help of ultra-simple content editing, the authors of the content can be easily transformed into skilled editors. The content can be updated online without coding or having IT skills.
  2. Improved administration tools: site management, distant publishing, content virtualization, SEO, access rights and control, integration with analytics etc. 
  3. Enhanced search and retrieve function.
  4. Audience engagement. The possibility to create blogs, forums, polls etc.
  5. The content can be easily adapted to each language.

Portal features:

  1. Aggregation: both content and existing business applications are integrated into a single portal offering personalized access to both via, for example, user/customer extranets or dashboards.
  2. Easy secured access.
  3. Users have a possibility to create ad-hoc portals and personal dashboards based on predefined portal templates and components being easily managed from a central administration interface.

Jahia is known to be a digital experience platform bringing together applications, content and customer information.

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