Why alfresco?

Why alfresco is preferred?

Alfresco is an efficient and reliable electronic document management system designed to improve productivity and simplify workflow. The system provides extensive opportunities for easy search, access, editing and distribution of documents. Alfresco is compatible with mobile devices and all operating systems and is unique in terms of stability and security.

There are Alfresco-based systems that easily operate with millions of documents and tens of thousands of users.

Alfresco is an ideal choice for companies and organizations that seek to streamline the paperwork and improve workflow to meet current standards.

Why does business choose Alfresco?

  • Modular architecture. The functionality of Alfresco depends on the number and type of connected modules. This allows you to create a system that takes into account the needs of a particular business, does not contain unnecessary and is easily scalable.
  • Compatible with mobile devices. You can work with Alfresco anywhere, anytime, thanks to the built-in support for mobile devices. Creating, editing and distributing documents - all this can be done on smartphones or tablets.
  • Advanced web version. Alfresco has a full-featured web version, which requires no additional software to run. Browser - that's all it takes.
  • Version control and access levels. With Alfresco you can always find out who and when has made changes to the document and what was changed exactly. If necessary, you will be able to roll back to any previous version of the document. And access levels guarantee the protection of confidential information - only those who have the appropriate permissions can open the document.
  • Convenient document search and cataloguing. Alfresco documents will always be in place thanks to a convenient cataloguing system. You can also easily find the document you want by name, time of creation, authorship or even a fragment of the text that the particular document contains.
  • Cloud storage support. To work with the system you do not need to spend a lot of money on the special equipment - Alfresco supports cloud servers for storing and working with documents.

Thus, Alfresco provides users with a wide array of features that greatly simplify the document management process.

Our company - as a strategic partner of Alfresco - is able to implement and configure the system that will fully match the needs of your business.

We will happily advise you on the capabilities of Alfresco and answer any related questions.

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