Why alfresco?

Why alfresco is preferred?

Alfresco is a powerful system for content management. Among important advantages leading to the choice of this very platform, the following ones can be singled out:

  1. High personalization. Alfresco provides a possibility to personalize practically everything: dashboards, content types, metadata, version management. Even access to the solution can be managed in several different ways: via the web client, by network sharing or by synchronization mode.
  2. Simplification in terms of using. When working with Alfresco no need in deep technical knowledge is required thus simplifies administration management. 
  3. Functionality. System base includes two significant blocks: Alfresco Process Services (package for business process management) and Alfresco Governance Services (additional module for management and archiving).
  4. Collaboration tools: Alfresco suggests a UI interface called Alfresco Share providing an easy-to-use collaboration platform to effectively collaborate within a team using blog, wiki, calendar etc.
  5. Secured access to content: Different types of users are specified in terms of using the data, such as content creator, content reviewers, internal team members, customers etc. The access can be configured easily.
  6. Effective Search mechanism: Alfresco provides searching capabilities based on metadata and allows you to find the content you are looking for quite easily.  
  7.  Maintaining different content versions: New versions of the content can be easily created and tracked with a help of Alfresco versioning capability.  
  8. Auditing the content: Alfresco provides a possibility to get the information concerning a person who accessed the content. 
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