Why Liferay?

Why Liferay?
Why Liferay?
Why Liferay?

Benefits of Liferay

If you are launching an enterprise portal project, you certainly should consider using a portal product as the foundation, and look into Liferay – you will get a jumpstart with all the features that come out of the box. In addition, among platform features the following ones can be singled out: 

  1. Liferay has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  2. Second-to-none rich out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality.
  3. Improved business agility.
  4. Open Source & Open Architecture.
  5. Offers you a full choice of application servers, databases, and operating systems.
  6. Product feature sponsorship.

Liferay provides a number of usefull and important features:

  1. No Programming Skill Required.
  2. Sharing Content.
  3. Integrated Workflow.
  4. Alloy UI Framework.
  5. Vaadin Framework.
  6. Integration with External Systems.

Liferay gives you a solution that works today and is flexible enough to drive future strategic growth.

Liferay is your stepping stone to success.

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