What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a progressive framework designed for building user interfaces.

Vue was released in 2014 and today is widely used by numerous companies in the world. The latest Vue.js version is targeted at productivity and functional quality is equal or even better than, for instance, Angular or React.

Advantages of Vue.js

Vue.js combines convenience and capacity. Among other framework benefits are the following:

  1. Small size: a full-featured Vue project has a small size.
  2. Speed. Vue.js places much emphasis on the fast speed of work.
  3. Freedom of choice. Vue.js supports various structuring systems.
  4. Simplicity: Vue’s API is less complex than the other frameworks and is well-structured.
  5. Vue 2.0 supports server rendering. The modul Vue-server-renderer supports other Vue tools (vue-router and vuex) which makes it easier to design isomorphic applications.

Smile posesses a successful expertise with Vue.js platform and is ready to put into effect all your requirements.

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