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Drupal: your stable website development

Drupal 8 is the latest version of the popular CMS. In comparison with Drupal 6 and 7, Drupal 8 obtained much better features and functionality. New additions help to build perfect responsive websites looking brilliant on all devices.

Migration to Drupal 8 consists of three main parts:

  1. Preparation of significant data.
  2. Preparation for new environment.
  3. Migration process.

In general, the migration process to new version is not difficult for native functionality, but all additional development and modifications require specific approach.

Being a recognized Drupal expert, Smile is ready to assist you in migration to new CMS and provide careful transfer of the site to the new level.

Migration to Drupal 8
Migration to Drupal 8
Migration to Drupal 8

Benefits of Drupal 8:

  1. Content management.
  2. Multilingual features.
  3. Responsive features.
  4. Enhanced performance.
  5. Page cashing improvement.
  6. Security.

Content management

Drupal 8 simplifies the process of adding and editing content from administration side. A newly designed content creation page includes two columns: one designed for content fields and the other one with optional settings.

Multilingual features

Drupal 8 has been completely rewritten in terms of translation systems. More than 94 languages are available and improved language code mapping system has been provided.

Responsive features

With Drupal 8 release, the platform has been redefined to be completely responsive. The new administrative toolbar has been designed orienting to desktop and tablet automatically.

Enhanced performance

If your website contains a huge amount of content, then Drupal 8 will be the best choice ever. As it brings a lot of tools which are able to make your website work faster. In Drupal 8, Javascript by default runs in footer as a result – front-end performance is improved.

Page caching improvement

In Drupal 8 page cache is enabled by default for anonymous users. A new cache system is used which is called cache tags designed to make your website work faster. The mentioned caching system is updated when something is changed and avoids clearing the whole page at the same time.


Security always occupied the first place in terms of priority. Drupal 8 is considered to be a highly secure CMS that is why this platform is even used on government websites.

Drupal 8 with enhanced customization and improved flexibility will help you to organize perfect business platform.

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