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Drupal 8 is the latest version of the popular platform, which has a lot of improvements and new features compared to Drupal 7. In particular, it features more straightforward content editing, extended editor functionality, integrated adaptability and multilingualism, simple image addition, and more.

Migration to Drupal 8 is a necessary step that will bring your site up to date and make it more user-friendly and functional.

The migration process consists of three main parts:

  1. Preparation of significant data for transfer to a new environment.
  2. Preparation for the new environment.
  3. Migration process.

In general, the migration process to the new version is not difficult for native functionality, but all additional development and modifications require a specific approach.

Being a recognized Drupal expert, Smile is ready to assist you in migration to new CMS and provide careful transfer of the site to the new level.

Migration to Drupal 8
Migration to Drupal 8
Migration to Drupal 8

Benefits of Drupal 8:

  1. Simplified content editing process.
  2. Extended editor functionality.
  3. Adaptive design themes.
  4. Multilingual features.
  5. Page caching improvement.
  6. Increased security.

Simplified content editing process

From now on to change a certain element of the site, you do not need to look for it in the admin panel. Just click on the pencil mark next to the particular element and editing panel will appear.

Extended editor functionality

Drupal 8 has a built-in text editor that allows you to format text, embed images, create lists and more.

Adaptive design themes

All themes in Drupal 8 are adaptive, thus they fit for a screen of any size or format. Thanks to this, the site is equally convenient to use on both desktop and mobile devices.

Multilingual features

Drupal 8 has been completely rewritten in terms of translation systems. More than 94 languages are available and improved language code mapping system has been provided.

Page caching improvement

In Drupal 8 page cache is enabled by default for anonymous users. A new cache system is used which is called cache tags designed to make your website work faster. The above mentioned caching system is updated when something is changed and avoids clearing the whole page at the same time.

Increased security

Drupal 8 uses state-of-the-art hacking protection solutions, plus a large developer community releases regular updates to improve platform security. The high level of protection for Drupal 8 is evidenced by the fact that this platform is used by government sites, in particular, the portal of the French government.

Thus, Drupal 8 is a solution that keeps up to date with the latest trends and able to meet the needs of the most demanding users. It's a definitely flexible and functional platform that can provide growth for your online business.

Contact us and we will professionally transfer your site to Drupal 8. Everything will stay in place, and work with the site will be more convenient and quick.

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