EDM Open Source Solutions

EDM Open Source Solutions

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Fancy boosting the potential of your EDM (Electronic Document Management), one of the most strategically important elements in your information system?

You do? So, take time out to peruse this handbook on Open Source EDM.

Specially designed in a project context, closely tailored to your reality, use this white paper as a decision-making tool. In the form of a methods guide, it will simplify your life!

  • Analyze the best Open Source solutions available: Alfresco, Nuxeo, KnowledgeTree, Jahia and Maarch.
  • Check out the collaborative approach of sharing documents (with Jahia Wise) and new features like DAM – Digital Asset Management - with NuxeoDAM, PhraseaNet, ResourceSpace etc.
  • Look at tangible applications: managing versions, classification benchmarks, search engines etc. 

In fact it’s our enthusiasm and convictions on Open Source EDM that we want to share with you!