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7 benefits of Drupal website development

Drupal is one of the most popular CMS systems in the world and there are plenty of reasons for that. First of all, Drupal can be used for the development of almost any type of website: corporate portal, news aggregator, webstore and more. We even used Drupal to develop the back-office for a mobile app and it fitted the task perfectly.

Thus, Drupal sets no limitations over your business goals and unique vision. If your idea can be embodied in the form of a website, with Drupal you can do it. Incredible flexibility and scalability of this platform were highly praised by such companies and brands as Tesla, Pfizer, NBC, The GRAMMY, Pinterest, all of which use Drupal as a foundation for their online projects.

During years of practice with Drupal, we compiled the list of its major benefits that make this platform so popular among our clients. So let's take a closer look at major Drupal advantages for your business.

Open source

Drupal is absolutely free to use with no licensing fees and other related payments. It significantly reduces web development cost compared to rival close source solutions. Furthermore, being open source involves the contribution from thousands of specialists across the world, who participates in platform development and improvement. This allows Drupal to remain protected from cyber-threats and to represent the modern standards of web development. 

Mobile capabilities

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"Mobile first" principle rules the Web and Drupal meets this modern demand perfectly. Drupal's responsive design offers a fluid mobile experience for both website's visitor and administrator allowing the later to manage and edit content via any mobile device. 

If you have a website, powered by Drupal, you can be absolutely sure that it will be properly displayed on any type of device: smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Multilingual features

If your business operates in various regions with different languages, Drupal web development will be a perfect solution as it is very simple to create a multilingual website on this platform. With built-in translation features, support of over 100 languages and streamlined content management, administrators can easily translate any content including web forms, taxonomy, comments and more.

Content authoring

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Drupal makes it extremely easy to create and publish content due to the convenient editor that supports drag and drop, diverse text formatting, lists creating and other features. Especially worth mentioning is WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor, which gives the ability to edit the content on the front end. It means that an administrator can view the web page as a visitor and change its content before the page goes live.

High performance

Nowadays performance of a website is more important than ever and with Drupal, you will achieve exactly that. Efficient caching technology leads to fast pages loading even if visitor's connection speed is not particularly high. Additionally, developers can further improve website's performance while minimizing HTTP requests, minifying HTML, CSS and Javascript, using CDN, and more.


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SEO is one of the most important components of digital marketing and Drupal will help your business to gain more website traffic through organic search channels. The platform has great SEO-optimization in terms of displaying the content in the way that fits demands of search engines and users alike.  Supporting meta-tags, alt titles, diverse text formatting in addition with various SEO-modules will help you to raise your website in Google's search results.

Highly customizable

Drupal lets you easily customize your website, using its built-in features. Minor and major changes in theme and UI structure, creating new pages and changing existing ones, adding new elements and more -- with Drupal you can easily make changes on your website responding to client's requirements or market demands.


Drupal is an excellent platform for web development as it offers a wide range of possibilities for developing an efficient website that will perfectly serve your business needs.

Smile has great experience in Drupal development, as we are one of Drupal's major partners and are a part of Drupal France association since 2013. Our team can take all platform's advantages to realize even most ambitious projects or create a custom solution fine-tuned for your unique needs.

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