Elastic Suite for Magento 2: Releasing version 2.2

What's new?

We had a lot of work on Magento 2.1.x compatibility since there was a lot of compatibility breaking changes in this version (introduction of the entity manager, new form based on UI components, staging for the EE edition, ...).

ElasticSuite is now fully compatible with Magento 2.1 CE and EE versions.

But this release also contains new features :

  1. Categories autocomplete: categories now appear on autocomplete results. They join up with products which were already here since 2.1 release.

Autocomplete categories

  1. One Result Redirect: it is now possible to redirect the user to the product page if its search has only one result.
  2. Price Slider Enhancement: ability to use price intervals defined in Magento's catalog configuration.
  3. Thesaurus Management: ability to enable/disable a Thesaurus.
  4. Performances: more reactive autocomplete and a faster indexing process are also included in this release.



The next 2.3 version will mainly focus on migrating the Search Optimizers. These ones allow the merchant to create boosts based on rules to influence the sort order of products into the catalog and the search result page.

How to help ?

You can help us to make the module better by several ways :

  1. By contributing via Github PRs or submitting issues, or even enhance the documentation.
  2. By testing the module.
  3. By sharing it online (via Twitter, boards, etc...) or just with the Github "stars" system.