Elastic Suite for Magento 2: Releasing version 2.3

What's New?

For this new version, we focused on the search optimizers feature, on indexing and navigation performances.

But there are also many new features, let's see them:

  1. Adding the search optimizers : Merchants are now able to create boosts based on rules like "Boost all products that are in stock / discounted "or "Boost all products for Men", etc ... This boost can be applied on catalog navigation and/or search results.Apply to products
  2. Adding marketing attributes to the rules engine (used for virtual categories and optimizers): this allows to build rules based on only discounted products or only in stock products or only products with images.
  3. Attributes Autocomplete: Attributes are now displayed in autocomplete results.
  4. Advanced Search Compatibility: ElasticSuite is now fully compatible with the Advanced Search feature.
  5. Show less/more into facets: Customers are now able to display all values for a facet if this one is capped to a limited number of elements in configuration.
  6. Support of HTTP Authentication and HTTPS for ElasticSearch.
  7. Huge improvement of indexing process, which will result in lighter and faster rebuilt indexes.
  8. Improvements on Front Office performances: the way the navigation filters are rendered has been revamped, also does the query building process.

Do not hesitate to read the full changelog of this release.

How to Help?

You can help us to make the module better by several ways:

  1. By contributing via Github PRs or submitting issues or even enhance the documentation.
  2. By testing the module.
  3. By sharing it online (via Twitter, boards, etc.) or just with the Github "stars" system.